CoR Advisors® produces monthly webcasts as ongoing professional development and education for the real estate industry. These events present valuable and relevant information on technology applications for buildings, featuring industry experts and real estate veterans. Join us each month for such topics as: energy monitoring, smart grid/smart buildings, advanced lighting strategies, sustainability, procurement and demand response, real estate IT, advanced communications, and more…

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CoR Advisors Webcast Schedule

4/29/2011 - Advanced Lighting Solutions - (previously recorded)
5/20/2011 - Energy Management: Benchmarking and Reporting Solutions - (previously recorded)
6/17/2011 - Supply Side Energy Strategies: Procurement, Demand Response, and On-Site Power - (previously recorded)
7/22/2011 - The Future of Green Buildings - (previously recorded)
9/16/2011 - The CIO and the PM: The New Dynamic Duo - (previously recorded)
10/14/2011 - Telecom 2011: Empowering Access to the Cloud - (previously recorded)
11/9/2011 - Intelligent Buildings: Current and Emerging Trends - (previously recorded)
12/9/2011 - Analyzing Building Operations: What Do We Do With All This Data? - (previously recorded)
2/3/2012 - Smart Buildings and the Smart Grid - (previously recorded)
4/27/2012 - Going Green: Separating Fantasy From Reality - (previously recorded)
5/25/2012 - Advanced Lighting Technologies - (previously recorded)
6/29/2012 - Roadmap to Energy Efficient Buildings™ – Part I - Energy Benchmarking and Reporting - (previously recorded)
7/20/2012 - Smart Grid Impact on Intelligent Buildings (w/CABA) - (previously recorded)
9/28/2012 - Intelligent Buildings: Integrating Operating Systems and Controls - (previously recorded)
11/9/2012 - Roadmap to Energy Efficient Buildings™, Part II – Energy Conservation Measures - (previously recorded)
12/7/2012 - Roadmap to Energy Efficient Buildings™, Part III – Advanced Technologies - (previously recorded)
5/24/2013 - The Future of Building Automation: Real-Time Data and Analytics - (previously recorded)
7/18/2013 - Funding & Financing Energy Improvement Projects - (previously recorded)
7/26/2013 - Comprehensive Energy Management Planning - (previously recorded)
9/27/2013 - Operating Leaner, Greener Facilities - (previously recorded)
10/25/2013 - Using Data and Analytics to Reduce Operational Costs - (previously recorded)
12/12/2013 - Data and Analytics II: Turning Building Information Into Value - (previously recorded)
2/28/2014 - Building Energy Assessments and Capital Planning - (previously recorded)
7/18/2014 - Hot Topics and Technology Trends in Commercial Real Estate - (previously recorded)
8/27/2014 - Energy Management and the IoT: Survey Results - (previously recorded)
9/12/2014 - The Workplace of the Future - (previously recorded)
11/12/2014 - Using Data and Analytics to Reduce Operational Costs - (previously recorded)
12/12/2014 - The Economic Value of Intelligent Buildings - (previously recorded)
3/13/2015 - Centralized Facilities Management: Connect, Collect, Control - (previously recorded)
4/24/2015 - Integrated Energy Analytics - (previously recorded)
5/29/2015 - Enhancing The Occupant Experience: Using Technology to Attract and Retain Tenants (and Employees!) - (previously recorded)
6/26/2015 - Overcoming the Challenge of Pneumatic Controls: Deploying Advanced Analytics and Energy Savings Strategies - (previously recorded)
8/6/2015 - Green Power: Alternative Energy Made Easy - (previously recorded)
9/25/2015 - The Future of Smart Buildings - (previously recorded)
11/6/2015 - Using Data to Maximize Building Efficiency - (previously recorded)
12/4/2015 - Practical Applications of IoT in Today's Commercial Facilities - (previously recorded)
1/15/2016 - Maximizing Energy Savings: Addressing The Building Envelope - (previously recorded)
2/26/2016 - Redefining the Modern Workplace Experience - (previously recorded)
4/22/2016 - Everything You've Always Wanted to Know About EV Charging Stations - (previously recorded)
6/17/2016 - Beyond Lights: How IoT is Changing Lighting - (previously recorded)
7/15/2016 - Getting Smart About Water and Waste - (previously recorded)
9/22/2016 - Using Integrated Technologies to Improve The Occupant Experience - (previously recorded)
10/21/2016 - The Impact of Smart Buildings on Health and Productivity - (previously recorded)
12/2/2016 - The Smart, Connected Workplace - (previously recorded)
1/20/2017 - Intelligent Buildings and the Impact of IoT Research Project - (previously recorded)
3/10/2017 - The Growing Demand for Alternative Energy Solutions - (previously recorded)


This was perhaps the best, business-related webcast I have ever attended. It was well run and went off without a hitch -- but more important, the quality and value of the webcast was excellent. The presenters spoke to real issues in a candid and informative way. It wasn't fluff or a sales pitch. We are extremely happy to have been a sponsor and believe it reflects very well on our company.

John Petze

I attended the webcast on “Advanced Lighting Solutions” and found it to be very enlightening. The presenters used various visuals to demonstrate that a thoroughly integrated approach should include much more than simply a lamp replacement project – and economic benefits were clearly presented. I have attended several other CoR Advisors™ webcasts and found them all to be engaging and informative.

Jim Hardwick
General Manager

Dallas, TX