Webcast - Friday, October 14th, 12:30-1:30 p.m. EDT

Telecom 2011: Empowering Access to the Cloud
It started in the 1990s with high speed internet and smart buildings. Fast forward to 2011. The volume of data coming in and out of buildings has grown exponentially. More and more tenants require 100 Mbps of bandwidth (or higher!) for cloud computing and complex data applications -- and building owners are dependent on this technology for internal communications as well as system monitoring and controls. This session will discuss current and future requirements for bandwidth, as well as present the highlights and implications of a recent BOMA member survey regarding telecommunications needs and solutions.
  • Are you keeping up with the needs of today's tenants?
  • Is your building equipped to support all their data and cloud access requirements?
  • What choices do tenants expect to support their business operations?
Learn the answers to these questions and more during this interactive 60-minute webinar featuring industry experts, building owners, and enterprise clients from key sectors.


Brian Mann
Mann Properties
Tom Sweeney
Senior Director
Comcast Business Class

Mike Pepper
Properties Group – Managing Director
Kennedy Wilson

Darlene Pope
President and CEO
CoR Advisors

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