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CoR Advisors teams with Carbon War Room to Publish White Paper on Energy Efficiency in Buildings - 6/29/2012
Reduce Your Building Energy Consumption by 20% at Zero Cost - Technology Guide Published

Buildings gain by putting energy efficiency over other LEED aspects - 10/27/2009
Building owners can get the most out of their LEED status by focusing on energy efficiency over other LEED aspects, according to research conducted by the Center for Neighborhood Technology (CNT). CNT analyzed how projects performed over multiple years in areas including energy and water use, greenhouse gas emissions, operating costs, commute transportation and occupant comfort.

BofA wins award for building automation project - 10/23/2009
The Bank of America Building Automation project was selected by an independent panel of automation industry experts as the gold award winner in the building automation category at the fifth annual Machine-To-Machine Value Chain Awards. Bank of America is deploying a nationwide energy and maintenance management solution that will significantly reduce both the energy and maintenance costs at 3,200 branches.

Glenborough's Aventine project optimizes HVAC - 1/23/2009
Glenborough LLC, owner of the Aventine complex, a 250,000 sq. ft. multi-use building located in La Jolla, CA, was looking at various methods to lower energy consumption and reduce their carbon footprint. As one of the green technologies being implemented, Optimum Energy's OptimumHVAC was installed to both lower HVAC energy consumption and improve the environmental footprint of the complex.

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