DC Energy Seminar - November 28th, 2012, 1:00-4:00 p.m. EST

The Road to Energy Efficiency Part I

National Building Museum, Washington DC
401 F Street, NW, Washington DC

The DowntownDC ecoDistrict and CoR Advisors present a three part seminar series in Washington, DC on "The Road to Energy Efficiency". Part I of the series addresses the critical first step in energy management establishing a baseline energy profile and implementing a program for regular energy monitoring and reporting. The building baseline can be used as a comparison against other properties, help identify initial areas for improvement, and serve as a means by which to measure the success of energy conservation measures. You'll learn how to capture real time energy data from your buildings and how to use that information to identify problem areas, improve performance, and achieve better operational efficiencies. With the new mandatory benchmarking and reporting requirements, it's important to understand the value of monitoring on a building-by-building basis, interpreting that data, and using that information to effect change.


Jeff Grejda, Senior Energy Advisor, APPI Energy
Veronique Marier, Deputy Director, Energy, DDOE
Eric Oliver, President, EMO Energy Solutions
Scott Pomeroy, Sustainability Manager, DowntownDC BID
Darlene Pope, President & CEO, CoR Advisors
Brendan Shane, Chief, Office of Policy & Sustainability, District Department of the Environment
Maria Vargas, Director, DOE Better Buildings Challenge


I. Introductions and Overview
  a. Smarter Business Challenge
  b. Better Buildings Challenge

II. Benchmarking and Reporting
  a. What are the requirements, deadlines, penalties in DC
  b. Establish baselines in order to measure and track progress
  c. Energy Star Portfolio Manager

III. Interpreting Your Energy Information
  a. How do you use that information to identify areas for improvement
  b. Comparison to other buildings in DC and across the country
  c. How does your building rate in terms of energy efficiency?

IV. Developing a Strategic and Comprehensive Energy Management Plan
  a. Setting goals, budgets and timelines
  b. Resources available to help with goals and fulfillment
  c. Collective benefits for ecoDistrict and across DC

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