CoR Advisors® is an energy management and intelligent building systems integrator for commercial and corporate facilities. We specialize in designing advanced solutions that lower operating expenses, reduce environmental impact, and improve the overall occupant experience. We work closely with our clients to develop customized roadmaps for solution integration and cost/benefit analyses, enabling our clients to implement the most cost-effective, energy efficient solutions for their buildings. In addition, CoR Advisors® provides professional education and consulting services to help commercial real estate owners evaluate and implement "best practices" in intelligent building technologies, energy management, and sustainable business practices.

CoR Services and Solutions include:
  • Green Building Solutions
  • Energy Management and Reporting
  • Advanced Lighting Strategies
  • Building Automation
  • Alternative Energy Solutions
  • Energy Procurement
  • Demand Response Programs
  • LEED Certification
  • Financial Modeling, ROI Analysis
  • Educational Programs for Owners, Managers and Tenants
  • Additional Consulting Services...
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Shift Gears to Increase Building Performance and Tenant Satisfaction
Author: Mike DeNamur - United Technologies Building & Industrial Systems
In Today's World, Change is the Only Constant
Our world is changing. And perhaps nowhere is this change more evident or accelerated than in the commercial building industry. For building owners and managers, these changes translate into an increasingly complex set of challenges. Here are some of the factors facing building operations and management today:
  • Regulatory and Compliance Nine major U.S. cities have enacted policies requiring commercial buil...
Intelligent buildings are those that operate using the most advanced technologies to deliver the greatest efficiencies and value to both the owner and occupants. What are the components of an intelligent building and what are the benefits? Hear about the latest in intelligent building solutions and the financial value of integrating building system...
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